Pure Water Filtration
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    A top quality sediment Filter - which offers:Long filter life Low pressure drop Superior dirt holding capacity High efficiency Consistent QualityFilterPlus 5 Micron for 10" housings.  Purtrex 10 Micron for 20" housings.

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    O Ring for Spectrum Stainless Steel 4040 Reverse Osmosis Housing. Material: Nitrile (Buna). Sold separately.

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    Spanner for 10" &  20" Filter Housings. Suitable for filters that require four lugs. Product may vary from illustration. Colour: Black

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    A good quality carbon block filter. Suitable for Chlorine Reduction. Sizes: 10" and 20" Streamline 10" FilterPlus CF10-F 5 micron Streamline 20" FilterPlus CF20-F 10 micron

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    Filter Housing for 10" Cartridges. Comes with 1/2" BSP female ports. Clear housing with white manifold. With top mounting screw positions for suitable self tapping screws. Max Pressure: 120psi Clear housing and white manifold.

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    Clamps for wall mounting Spectrum 4040 Reverse Osmosis Stainless Steel Housings. Sold in pairs as two clamps are normally required for each housing. 104mm internal diameter

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    Streamline Triple Filter Kit for 50, 300 and 600GPD-F FilterPlus Systems. Will fit most traditional 10" RO systems. Contains a granular activated carbon filter, a carbon block filter and a 5-micron sediment filter. Under normal conditions will last for up to 9000L. Streamline Code KIT02310-001.

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    Reliable TDS meter from HM Digital. Used to measure Total Disolved Solids in water, an essential tool for checking the quality of pure water. Also includes a thermometer function, easy to read screen, reading hold function and auto shut-off. Complete with battery, carrying case with belt clip and instructions. See more information below.

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    Resin Cartridge filled with MB115 Resin. Compatible with the Streamline Trolley System Resin Vessel WTS016 Only Resin capacity to filter up to 640ltrs* of pure water.*At a starting TDS of 100ppm To calulate your consumption please see the table below:

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    Streamline MOBI START(Streamline Code FP-MOBI-S0415-02) This disposable 2L bottle is filled with high quality resin and produces up to 400L* of pure water when connected to a water supply. The male hoselock connections make it quick and easy to use. After use simply turn upside down to drain the water, ready for it's next use. *based on 100ppm water supply.

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    Replacement cartridges for Unger Hydropower RO40C (Our Code ROU10) Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge ROCAR  (Our Code ROU11) Membrane ROMEM (one membrane per pack, RO40C has 2 membranes, always change both!) (Our Code ROU12) Resin Di Filter Replacement Cartridge RORES

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    The Unger Hydo Power Di Filters offer unparalleled efficiency, performance, workflow and comfort.Inspired by our customers and packed with the latest patented design innovations, nLite® HydroPower DI Filters offer a wealth of benefits for professional window cleaners (and everyone who works or cleanswith pure water).• FloWater™ Technology• QuickChange™...

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