Using pure water to clean windows, solar panels, conservatories and many other surfaces has become very popular in recent years. There are two principle methods for purifying water:

Reverse Osmosis (RO). RO systems normally use pre-filters (sediment, Carbon block and granulated Carbon filters to improve the quality of the water and remove Chlorine). A RO membrane then produces near pure water. The near pure water is then put through a DI vessel with a ion exchange resin to make the water pure.

The second method is to use a ion exchange resin contained in a DI vessel.

We stock a wide range water filtration products such as filters, membranes, DI vessels and reins for making pure water. We also have an extensive range of flat and upright water tanks.

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    A top quality sediment Filter - which offers:Long filter life Low pressure drop Superior dirt holding capacity High efficiency Consistent QualityFilterPlus 5 Micron for 10" housings.  Purtrex 10 Micron for 20" housings.

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    O Ring for Spectrum Stainless Steel 4040 Reverse Osmosis Housing. Material: Nitrile (Buna). Sold separately.

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    Spanner for 10" &  20" Filter Housings. Suitable for filters that require four lugs. Product may vary from illustration. Colour: Black

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    A handy scoop for filling DI Vessels from 25L Resin bags. Size: 680ml 24oz Material: Aluminium

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    Streamline FilterPlus Carbon block filters. A good quality carbon block filter. Suitable for Chlorine reduction of tap water. Sizes: 10" and 20" Streamline 10" FilterPlus CF10-F 5 micron Streamline 20" FilterPlus CF20-F 10 micron

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    Streamline 25L strong plastic water container and screw cap. Suitable for the Streamline 25L and 50L Trolley Systems and many other uses. The design includes a handle for easy carrying. See details below:Weight: 1.0kg Height: 475mm Width: 235mm Length: 280mm Streamline Code: PC25 

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    Filter Housing for 10" Cartridges. Comes with 1/2" BSP female ports. Clear housing with white manifold. With top mounting screw positions for suitable self tapping screws. Max Pressure: 120psi Clear housing and white manifold.

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    Streamline Filterplus DI Pressure Vessel with distribution manifold. For use with DI Resin for producing pure water. Resin not included. Ports: Two 3/4" BSP Female Vessel Size: 6.9L, 11.0L & 25.7L, See guide below. Colour: Black VOLUME DISCOUNT

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    Replacement cartridges for Unger Hydropower RO40C (Our Code ROU10) Carbon Pre-Filter Cartridge ROCAR  (Our Code ROU11) Membrane ROMEM (one membrane per pack, RO40C has 2 membranes, always change both!) (Our Code ROU12) Resin Di Filter Replacement Cartridge RORES

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    Made from strong Polyethylene. All tanks are baffled except 75L tanks. See below for more information. All tanks come with screw lids. Contact us for volume discounts. Outlet Size: 75L - 350L tanks is 3/4"BSP female 400L - 650L tanks 1" BSP female Lid position and appearance may vary from the illustration.

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    The MOBI is available in two options. The easy Carry 'N' Go MOBI Kit features a DI Vessel filled with Tulsion MB115 resin and a comfortable swivelling metal carry handle (See video). The MOBI is also available with a wall mounting bracket, with holes for M8 screws.Stainless Steel Hoselock type fittings. Stop connector on female coupler saves pure water...

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    NEW! UNGER HydroPower Filters and resin packs OVER 30 %* MORE PURE WATER PER RESIN FILLINGEvery Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin with a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which...

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