Save money and get the right combination of ladder and accessory to work efficiently and safely. Shop from our range of Aluminium window cleaners ladders made by leading manufacturers such as Ramsay and Lyte. Choose from traditional window cleaners 'pointers' ladders from Ramsay and the more conventional open top ladders from Lyte.

We also supply products from Laddermat and from Burton Wire that make using ladders safer and more convenient. We offer great prices on ladders and accessories.

We also offer a small range of spare parts that will keep your ladders safe to use.

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    TRIM2FIT are made of solid rubber and are pre-marked with cutting guides, allowing you to trim the feet to exactly fit your box section ladder whatever the make or size. Can be cut with either a Tenon Saw or a Hack Saw. Suitable for box sections with external measurements: 89mm x 25mm, 84mm x 25mm, 73mm x 25mm, 64mm x 25mm, 58mm x 25mm Pack quantity: Two

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    Replacement Suction Pads for Ramsay Circular Feet, complete with washers and screws. Quantity: 2

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    Four mats, made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules, are linked by a sturdy metal loop. The mats give adjustable anti-slip blocking to go under one ladder foot to give extra height. Or can be put under both feet to reduce the risk of slipping or of sinking into soft ground.

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    Burton Ladder Clamps. One pair of heavy duty metal ladder clamps. Clamps come complete with Padlocks for extra security.

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    Ramsay Circular Feet with rubber pads, provides additional safety when using ladders. Complete with bolts, washers and nuts. Cast and machined Aluminium make them strong and light. (Ladder not included) Quantity: 2 

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    The "bottomless" WCS Ladder Bag has been developed to hold ladders with an closed length of up to 15metres. Once the ladders are inside the bag, the bag may be placed within the boot of a car. Bag Size: 18"x 18" x 36" High (Ladders not included.) See below for more information.

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