Shop our range of traditional window cleaning liquids and detergents for that shiny finish. Even the dirtiest windows are no match for our glass and window cleaning products from Unger, Moerman, Ettore and SYR. Many of our customers buy these products over and over again because they give great results and they are economical to use. Plus we also have two restoration products that can help remove water spots and mineral deposits.

We also have pure water additives from Jigsaw Innovations for window cleaners using water fed systems.

For window cleaners using the Unger Stingray indoor window cleaning system, we have the pure water refills.

So whatever you need to make your windows shine, you will find the right product for your windows right here.

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    Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner 150ml. Ready-to-use, easily replaceable refills for Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, pre-filled with high quality 3M Scotchgard™ professional glass cleaner. Unger code SRL01Effectively removes dirt, grease and fingerprints Fast drying, leaves no streaks or marks One pouch cleans up to 150m², given low to medium surface...

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    Unger Liquid Cleaning Soap 5L. Designed for professionals, it produces high quality and effective glass cleaning. Economic and Eco-friendly. Dilute 1 part to 100. For the best results use an applicator to apply the solution and a squeegee to remove it. See 'More Info' below:

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    Unger Gel, window cleaning detergent, is designed to apply directly on to the wet applicator sleeve. It has excellent cleaning power. Size: 0.5L See 'Download' below for safety data sheet.

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    The Ettore Squeegee-Off Liquid window cleaning detergent is very economical to use and leaves your windows looking great. One of our most popular tradional window cleaning detergents. For best results use an applicator to apply the solution to the windows before using a squeegee to remove it. You only need to use only 2 teaspoons of Squeegee-Off per 4.5L...

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    Professional Glass Cleaner for Unger Stingray using OS system. Unger code: SRL03 Size: 500ml - Excellent cleaning power for glass, mirrors and other waterproof surfaces. - Easy removal of fingerprints, grease, and other dirt. - Fast and streak-free drying.

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    SYR Glimmer Clean is one our most popular detergents for traditional window cleaners. It is designed to be both an anti-static detergent and effective at removing soilage and grease. It is used to wash the window or glass before being removed with a squeegee. It is easy to use - just add to water! It is also economical, with a dilution rate of 50 to 1 for...

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    Unger Rub Out Glass Cleaner. Hard water stain remover for water spots, rust, mineral deposits, lime scale and soap scum on glass. Safety Data sheet below. Size: 0.5L

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    Jigsaw Innovations Vision V2 • Improved cleaning power• More efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trials .• Added shine & glide• Low odour• More powerful and efficient cleaning so less water used• Dose at 1ml to 2ml per 100 litres of water• 300ml bottle can give 30,000 litres of cleaning water, approx 4-10 weeks use See downloads for...

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    Jigsaw Innovations Enigma • Improved cleaning power• More efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trails• Added shine & glide with less bubbles• No odour• More powerful and efficient cleaning so less water used• Dose at 2ml to 3ml per 100 litres of water• 10-15 ml can be added to a jug of pure water, left 24h and added to the tank the...

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    A proven air and surface disinfectant which is safe to use in many environments including office spaces, health care, food processing, veterinary science. Vivid™ SENSE is safe to use in all associated food, animal and human environments.

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