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    Minimizes Waste Disposal as they are made from up to 30% less material than other syringes. See more information below.

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    Blades for 10cm 4" for Unger Floor and Window Scraper SH000 (Code SFU01) and Unger Maxi Scraper STMAX (Code SGU04). Blades have sharp and blunt edges. Pack Size: 10 blades.

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    Spend less time scraping ice from your vehicles windows. Simply spray Prestone Rapid De-Icer and watch the ice melt away. It’s tested in extreme conditions so that it works for you every day throughout winter – no de-icer works faster. It melts ice down to -40ᵒC and works in seconds, meaning it’s faster and more powerful than any other de-icer available...

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    Fits on Moerman extension poles and most other poles, easily switch to use with Moerman tools.Our Easy On - Easy Off click-system, fits perfectly on the telescopic handle and fits perfectly with the Moerman cleaning toolsstrong and lightweight  swivels and blocks in any position easy grip wheel 

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