Our high quality professional floorcare products include mops and buckets, brushes, abrasive pads, rotary machine pads, litter pickers and floor and hard surface detergents. What ever you are cleaning you will find a tool that will make cleaning so much easier to accomplish and with great results.

Tip: Save time and money by choosing a mopping system from one manufacturer. Then it makes adding to the system easy!

We have specialist cleaning equipment and liquids from Unger, SYR, Robert Scott, Pulex, Hart, Prochem, Chemspec and Streamline to choose from. Have a look of these products on our website. 


  • Brushing & Mopping

    We sell high quality mops, handles, buckets, deck scrubbers, floor scrapers and brushes from SYR and Unger. Professional cleaners as well as Domestic cleaners will find right tool for the job from our list of products.

    Our Unger Professional Janitorial Cleaning Carts are perfect to tackle that large area to clean in the office or warehouse. Carts are designed to hold all the equipment you need and makes it easy to move around.

  • Hard Surface Cleaners

    Browse our Floor and Hard Surface Cleaners from Prochem and Hart. Both professional and domestic cleaners use our high quality products.

  • Litter and Debris Picking

    We have high quality Unger products for litter picking and debris cleaning. Find right product to make it easier to accomblish cleaning tasks. Use Unger Paper Picker, Unger Trigger Litter picker or Unger Pro Litter Picker to collect litter and then use Unger NiftyNabber Bagger to remove it from the site.

  • Cleaning Packages

    A complete answer to cleaning public buildings and community halls. All you need for colour co-ordinated cleaning. We have put together a choice of cleaning equipment.

    Colour coded to comply with the cleaning directions:

    Red for Toilets.

    Green for kitchens.

    Blue for main auditorium, foyer and classrooms.

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    SYR heavy duty lint free Cloth. A general purpose, Microfiber cloth with many possible applications. Designed to give streak a free finish. Thick and absorbent. Cleans with or without chemicals. Can be used wet for cleaning or dry for dusting and polishing. Machine washable. Use colour coding: RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas. GREEN: Kitchen...

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    SYR Pad 25cm x 11.5cm for use with SYR Pad Holder JXS003. Like floor pads for rotary machines these pads are: Black for stripping SYR Code 950410. Red for buffing. SYR Code ?

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    SYR round spray bottle with trigger. Size: 750ml

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    Spend less time scraping ice from your vehicles windows. Simply spray Prestone Rapid De-Icer and watch the ice melt away. It’s tested in extreme conditions so that it works for you every day throughout winter – no de-icer works faster. It melts ice down to -40ᵒC and works in seconds, meaning it’s faster and more powerful than any other de-icer available...

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  • £1.99 Out of stock

    Gorilla Tape Handy Roll. A great product to have in your home or van - you never know when you will need it! Size: 25mm x 9.14m Colour: Black See more information below:-

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    SYR Interchange Steel Blade for floor scraper MXS10

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    Robert Scott MAGIC ERASE-ALL Sponge removes stains and marks without the use of chemicals. Suitable for use on a variety of hard surfaces (subject to testing). Great for use in cleaning stained UPVC sills and window surrounds. Not recommended for use on polished surfaces such as glass/windows. Pack Size: 10 See the download data sheet for more information. 

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    Good quality SYR floor maintenance pads for standard speed rotary machines. Size: 15" 38cm Tan for light cleaning and buffing. Red for light cleaning and spray cleaning and polishing. Black for heavy duty removal of dirt and stripping. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    SYR Microfiber Flat Mop Head 40cm. Available in Red, Green and Blue. Machine washable 60degC. Great for cleaning public buildings, community halls and hotels. Use colour coding: RED: Toilets, washrooms and baby change areas. GREEN: Kitchen and food preparation areas. BLUE: Foyer, classrooms and auditorium. For use with SYR Lady 2 Mop Bucket, Interchange...

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  • £5.20 Product available with different options

    Originally developed in the 1980s for the HBV, HCV and HIV blood-borne viruses, the formulation of Prochem Microsan is also effective against Coronavirus (Coronaviridae family including MERS-CoV) and is approved to EN14476 for use on hard washable surfaces. Also approved to EN1276, EN1650 and EN13697. Prochem Microsan D500 in 1L 'ready to use' spray or 5L...

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    Durable litter picker with rust-resistant, lightweight aluminium shaft.

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    A heavy duty litter picker with a strong internal metal bar, poweful claws and robust steel shaft. Available in 4 lengths, including 2.50m long reach version! Length includes claws.

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