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    Unger Pro Squeegee Rubber is highly durable for long life. Available in both Soft and Hard compounds. Easy to cut to length. See 'More Info' below. Size: 105cm 42”

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    THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO CONTROL WATER USAGEUNI-VALVE is Operated by Simply Pulling the Hose at the Base of Your Water Fed Pole (works best with PU Hose)Pull Hose Once to Turn Water OnPull Once Again to Turn Water Off. It’s That Easy!No More Bending to Pick Valve from FloorNo More Hose Loops When Using Trigger Valves Colour of product may vary*

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    SHURflo Diaphram Pump. Model 8000-946-138. A popular choice for window cleaners using water fed systems. Model 8000-942-138 may be supplied instead. There is no difference in performance. Pressure: 100PSI. Open Flow: 5 LPM Supply: 12v DC Connections: 1/2" NPT Male. We recommend use with Varistream Auto Compensating Pump Controller. Please see 'More Info'...

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    Our Georgian style window cleaning kit is perfect for those smaller windows: Each kit contains an Unger 6" 15cm Stainless Steel Channel + Handle + An Unger 6" 15cm Monsoon Sleeve and plasticT Bar.

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    FaceLift RazrBlade Red Rubber The Blade for All Seasons Unbelievably Long Life Just Try It - You'll Never Go Back Fits all Standard Squeegee Channels Can Be Cut to Size 36" Lengths

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    Unger Best quality, 100% pure linen Grade 1 Scrim - washed and ready to use straight from the pack! Hemmed on all 4 sides for long use. Robust and durable. See 'More Info' below. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Streamline Filterplus DI Pressure Vessel with distribution manifold. For use with DI Resin for producing pure water. Ports: Two 3/4" BSP Female Vessel Size: 6.9L & 11.0L, See guide below. Colour: Black

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    The SEBO EVOLUTION takes a significant step forward in professional vacuum cleaner design. It is easy to use, economical, reliable and robust. Evolution 300 size 30cm 12" wide

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    Chemspec Enz-All contains powerful enzymes designed to loosen and dissolve the toughest grease, oils, and protein soils and stains. Enz-All is the performance leader in removing protein and greasy soils as well as blood, food, coffee and urine stains. Superior results in homes, food service areas and health care environments. pH: 11.5 - 12.5 Size 2.7Kg...

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    New and improved Moerman Pouch  - called a SIDE KIT - is now available! The Side Kit can carry all the essential window cleaners stuff, no need to put dry and wet cloths in one place as there are three different compartments plus a very handy Bottle Holder- All in one Pouch!

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    THE XR100 Series 100% Carbon Streamline XR100 has lateral section clamps for ease of use. The 100% Carbon telescopic sections offer improved stiffness combined with reduced weight. Supplied with a Carbon Gooseneck. Brush not included. Base section in New .HI VISIBILITY YELLOW. See more information below.

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    THE XR70 Series 70% Carbon Streamline XR70 has lateral section clamps for ease of use. The 70% Carbon telescopic sections offer improved stiffness combined with reduced weight. Supplied with a angle adaptor. Brush not included. Suitable for all brushes with standard sockets. See more information below.

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    Introducing STREAMLINE® SoftClean Roof and Render Cleaning Equipment. Increase your services portfolio with STREAMLINE® SoftClean equipment, designed for roof and render cleaning. STREAMLINE® has joined forces with AlgoClear SoftClean to bring you packages for the treatment of roofs, walls and general amenity areas. THE PRODUCT AlgoClear Pro, is a high...

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    The most efficient pure water system ever! The Unger HydroPower DI Filters offer both professional and non-professional window cleaners several advantages. The most important benefit is the innovative design which features; FloWater Technology QuickChange Resin Bags and FastLock Opening The HydroPower DI filter system is part of the elite  nLite Cleaning...

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    Blocked drains and gutters? STREAMVAC is the answer! For use in both commercial and domestic applications, this sturdy built-to-last gutter vacuum will provide you with the solution you are looking for. Tough and reliable, the STREAMVAC is ideal for difficult tasks as well as daily maintenance cleaning. Its superb performance and quality construction...

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    Keep your hands warm with Little Hotties Hand Warmers. 2 Warmers Per Pack Up to 8 Hours of Heat Safe, Natural Heat Environmentally Friendly Air-Activated Odorless  VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Unger standard Ergotec Handle ETG00 for S Channel. Comfortable Ergonamic Shape. Quick and simple replacement of rubber and S-Channel. Fits securely on Unger poles with locking Cone for extra safety.Plus the Unger S-Plus UC350 Channel 35cm 14". Precision engineered ‘Dog Eared’ squeegee channel with Unger soft rubber.

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    Streamline StreamBox Mini makes building a system simple. The tough plastic box comes with a 100psi pump kit, flow controller, battery and charger. The male hoselock connections make for easy and quick water connection. Streamline Code SB100-26V-BC

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    The STREAMLINE® DRAGONFLY® is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height from the ground. Kit contains: Dragonfly Backpack with 1L container, battery and pump. Remote control switch. XR Pole, pad holder and 2 scrub mops & 2 polishing mops See...

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    Reduce the risk of slip-falls and cross-contamination by using SYR Abzorb pads to absorb a wide range of liquid spills. Each pad can absorb up to 2L of liquid - blood, urine, grease, oil, milk, wine etc. Extra large size 596mm x 450mm. Quick absorption rate. SYR Code SO188000 Pack size: 10

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Window Cleaning stuff

Window and Carpet Cleaning Products

We supply a wide range of window cleaning equipment for both traditional window cleaners and those who use waterfed pole systems.

We also stock a large range of other cleaning products and equipment for cleaning carpets, hard floors, toilets, shops and offices.

Some of the brands currently available include Unger, Ettore, Contico, Pulex, SYR, Ramsay, Shurflo, Chemspec, Moerman, Streamline, Numatic, Sebo, Granwax and Prochem.



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