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    SHURflo Diaphram Pump. Model 8000-946-138. A popular choice for window cleaners using water fed systems. Model 8000-942-138 may be supplied instead. There is no difference in performance. Pressure: 100PSI. Open Flow: 5 LPM Supply: 12v DC Connections: 1/2" NPT Male. We recommend the pump be used with a Varistream or Spring Controller. Please see 'More...

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    Tulsion MB-115 Resin is a high quality mixed bed resin. It can be used in DI systems to produce pure water. IN STOCKSize 25L 

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    THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO CONTROL WATER USAGEUNI-VALVE is Operated by Simply Pulling the Hose at the Base of Your Water Fed Pole (works best with PU Hose)Pull Hose Once to Turn Water OnPull Once Again to Turn Water Off. It’s That Easy!No More Bending to Pick Valve from FloorNo More Hose Loops When Using Trigger Valves Colour of product may vary* VOLUME...

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    FaceLift RazrBlade Red Rubber is made of a Silicon based compound that has proved popular with many window cleaners.  Long Life Fits all Standard Squeegee Channels Can Be Cut to Size 36" 92cm LengthsVOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    Unger Best quality, 100% pure linen, washed Grade 1 window cleaning Scrim cloth (Unger code SCRMW) - ready to use straight from the pack! Hemmed on all 4 sides for long use. Robust and durable. See 'More Info' below. VOLUME DISCOUNT: See Below

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    The new improved OVA-8 is the latest water fed pole from Streamline. Now with improved clamps and swivel neck. When designing an anti-rotational oval shaped pole, it was discovered that an additional feature was provided - stiffness, a huge “safety” plus. The Oval design will cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one...

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    The latest and best Streamline Trolley System with the acclaimed OVA - 8 Pole. A complete system, ready to go. Simply fill the 25L container with tap water and it's ready to work.  Everything you need to start water fed window cleaning. Illustration may vary from product shown. Contents of these bundle are listed below, see More Info. SPECIAL LOW PRICE...

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    Remote control fob the WFP Link Kit. Using the latest technology to link your pump controller not only to your fob but also to your mobile phone, it provides long range radio control of your system, even with buildings in the way. This kit includes the Spring Controller (V11) and the Remote controller Fob. Supplied with full wiring kit, fuses and fuse...

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    Keeps tools at your side. Avoid climbing up and down ladders. Comes with a sturdy quick release strap for easy removal from belt and holds about 500ml of cleaning liquid. Holds two squeegees, one washer and a scraper. Will now hold the Unger Ninja squeegee. Now with removable rubber insert for Unger S-Channels. Colour: Black  

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    Unger ErgoTec Bundle with big savings! Selection of ErgoTec® Tools. Bundle includes:ErgoTec® BSTBT Belt ErgoTec® BSPOU Pouch ErgoTec® Bucket on Belt Ninja

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    Our 6mm bore reinforced  PVC yellow hose is a high quality hose that has proved a good all-round performer for water fed pole systems. The thicker outer wall gives heavy duty durability for improved resistance to abrasion yet has good flexibility making it easy to use. Length: 50m See Below for more information:

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    High quality Vikan oval monofilament soft brush with pencil jets for waterfed window cleaning poles. A big brush for big jobs. Suitable for poles with standard screw thread. Size: 40cm 16" Weight: 708g

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    The Excelerator Handle 2.0 has been redesigned and improved. See below for more information. 

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    Spectrum Stainless Steel 4040 housings are engineered for continuous long-term use in Reverse Osmosis applications, such as waterfed pole window washing systems Their unique design will enhance your system's look and save you time and money as these housings are priced very competitively with fibreglass and plastic pressure vessels.  Includes wall clamps...

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    Kleenex pocket tissues with Balsam BalmCare (Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Calendula) Leaves behind a protective balm. Pack size: 9 (21cm x 21cm, Total 0.39sm) VOLUME DISCOUNT

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    O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is a unique formulation of moisturising ingredients guaranteed to improve the health of your skin. It contains a high concentration of glycerine that draws in and retains moisture which is necessary for skin to heal. Size: 96g See below:-

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    Streamline heavy duty powder coated steel hose reel with wheels. Holds up to 60m of 1/2" garden hose or with suitable fittings can be used for up to 100m of 8mm, 6mm or 5mm bore hose. Order fitting WXW014 for 8mm, WXW013 for 6mm or WXW012 for 5mm bore hose. See link below. Supplied unassembled. Hose not included. 

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    Streamline robust stainless steel freestanding hose reel. Streamline Code: HRM2-SS Our Code: WXV024 Suitable for 60 meters of 12mm re-enforced hose or with suitable fittings can be used for up to 100m of 8mm, 6mm or 5mm bore hose. Order fitting WXW014 for 8mm,  WXW013 for 6mm or WXW012 for 5mm bore hose. See link below. Supplied unassembled. Hose not...

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    Streamline robust Stainless Steel wheeled hose reel. Streamline Code: HRM4-SS Our Code: WXV028 Suitable for 60 meters of 12mm re-enforced hose or with suitable fittings can be used for up to 100m of 8mm, 6mm or 5mm bore hose. Order fitting WXW014 for 8mm,  WXW013 for 6mm or WXW012 for 5mm bore hose.  Supplied unassembled. Hose not included.

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    NEW! UNGER HydroPower Filters and resin packs OVER 30 %* MORE PURE WATER PER RESIN FILLINGEvery Ultra resin pack contains a pre-portioned amount of UNGER premium ion-exchange resin with a new formula, perfected for glass cleaning The FloWater technology 2.0 in every Ultra resin pack ensures and efficient flow of water through the whole tank which...

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    Jigsaw Innovations Enigma • Improved cleaning power• More efficient and quicker to remove bird mess and snail trials• Added shine & glide with less bubbles• No odour• More powerful and efficient cleaning so less water used• Dose at 2ml to 3ml per 100 litres of water• 10-15 ml can be added to a jug of pure water, left 24h and added to the tank the...

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    Designed and built for work and to work hard, TradeLine combines a specialist extractor vacuum and big clean-up machine for use in the workshop or on the worksite. With a robust metal head, powerful 2200W power take-off, on-tool extraction, 2.9m hose, huge 18 litre capacity, TradeLine is built for the tough stuff. 

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Window Cleaning Stuff

Window and Carpet Cleaning Products

We supply a wide range of window cleaning equipment and supplies for both traditional window cleaners and those who use waterfed pole systems, with big savings for our customers on hundreds of items.

We also stock a large range of other cleaning products and equipment for cleaning carpets, hard floors, toilets, shops and offices.

Some of the brands currently available include Unger, Streamline, Ettore, Pulex, Tulsion, Spring, SYR, Ramsay, Shurflo, Chemspec, Moerman, Numatic, Sebo, Showa and Prochem - all at great prices!



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